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Parsnips (Pastinaca Sativa)
Like the carrot, the parsnip is a biennial, part of the Umbelliferae family, producing its long edible tap root the first and flowering the next. Compared to the carrot, there are few varieties of parsnips, and it has never been bred for different colours or shapes.

We tend to grow a variety called Javelin, which is a good all-round parsnip. They need very deep fine soil which has not been recently manured as this tends to causes ‘fanging’ or a forked root.

Cultivated parsnips have been developed from wild parsnips which are found throughout central and southern Europe. They were grown by the Greeks and Romans, and were mentioned in a work of Pliny, 1st century AD.

Nutritional Info
Parnsips are much richer in vitamins and minerals than carrots. They are extremely rich in potassium (600mg/100g). They are a good source of energy and fibre.

Did you know?
In Roman times parsnips were thought to be an aphrodisiac!
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