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Onions (Allium Cepa)
Onions and shallots are closely related to leeks, chives and garlic. They are notoriously difficult to grow, as we can testify to, but they do grow well in sandy well-drained soils like ours. It is extremely important to get the seed bed right with onions as they are not at all competitive and you can find yourself growing a nice bed of weeds if you are not careful.

Onions can be brown, yellow, white or red and come in various shapes. We grow brown and red onions, some from ‘sets’ ie young bulbs planted in the soil and also some from seed, which are drilled in early Spring.

The Onion has been a cultivated vegetable since antiquity, and is not known as wild plant. Certainly the Egyptians were cultivating them around 3200BC. Onions were commonly grown in Europe in the Middle Ages, and our modern varieties were developed from these old ones.

Nutritional Info
It is thought that onions have anti-inflammatory, anticholesterol, anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties such as quercetin, which makes them effective against the common cold, diabetes and heart disease.

Did you know?
In French, the expression "Ce n'est pas tes oignons" (literally: "It's not your onions") means that a topic is none of the listener's business.
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