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Beef cattle

We have a single suckler herd of cows numbering 45 head, who graze all year round on our organic grass and clover leys, which free from any artificial fertilisers or herbicides. They are bred for meat (as opposed to milk) and consequently the calves stay with their mothers for the first 6-9 months of the lives, after which they are weaned. We have several breeds of cows in our breeding stock including Devon Reds, Aberdeen Angus and Charolais. The current bull is a Shorthorn who is producing some excellent calves. Our cattle are an essential part of our organic rotation, grazing our fertility building clover leys and putting fertility back into the land with their manure. By having we cattle we avoid the need to cut the grass and leys, thus saving energy and mechanical operations. We also believe keeping livestock enhances the visual landscape at Bagthorpe and are part of its charm. Even if they do escape from time to time.

If you would like to enquire about our beef please contact the Organic Livestock Marketing Co-Operative on 01763 250313, who market and sell all our beef on our behalf.

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