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We produce a wide range of organic vegetables at Bagthorpe that quite literally come in all shapes and sizes. Current crops include early and maincrop carrots, potatoes and parsnips, together with onions, beetroot, swedes and turnips.

We grow a range of different varieties to suit our soil type, climate and biological and cultural challenges (pests and diseases!).

We select our varieties not just based on yield but primarily also on their flavour and overall quality as we do not subscribe to the bigger is better philosophy. We believe our organic vegetables taste fantastic and are packed full of flavour, vitamins and minerals.

We grade and pack produce on site for smaller orders (12.5kg or 25kg bags/nets) or can do bulk orders. Our customers include local box schemes, wholesalers and independent retailers, national box schemes and packers/supermarkets. We also have a stall at our local Farmers Market in Fakenham.

Know Your Vegetables

Most modern vegetables that we know and love originate from different continents all over the world and have been cultivated for many thousands of years. What started off for foraging primitive man as non-poisonous wild plants are now the commercially produced modern vegetable varieties that we buy and eat today.

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